Instructions for Bear Deterrent and Dog Repellent are below.

Always consult the label and packaging of the product prior to use.

For more information about the product specifications, please visit our Product Handling & Care page, MSDS page, and our Disposal and Expiry page.

        Flip Top Models

  1. Hold the unit upright in one hand, with the spray nozzle pointed in the direction of the aggressive dog.
  2. Lift up safety cover with your thumb.
  3. Press down on button (under safety cover) to discharge spray at the dogs face.
  4. To stop spray, release thumb upwards.

  How to use: Dog Repellent


  • Be aware of weather conditions and avoid discharging upwind.

  •  Use short bursts of spray at the dog for maximum effectiveness.Spray is most effective to a range of 3 meters.

  • These products are for use in threatening, life endangering situations against aggressive dogs.

  • This product is NOT for use on humans.
  1. Turn the red actuator tab from 45 degrees (safety position) straight to the ready position with the red tab lined up with the nozzle opening.
  2. Hold can upright in one hand with the spray orifice facing directly at the dog's face.
  3. Depress downwards (with thumb) on the red actuator tab for a burst of spray.
  4. To stop spray, release thumb

Instructions for Personal Pepper Sprays


  • Be aware of weather conditions and avoid discharging upwind. If spraying in windy conditions, move away to avoid exposure to spray.

  • This product is for use in a threatening, life endangering situation to repel an aggressive bear.

  • This product is NOT for use on humans or domestic animals.    

  Twist Top Models

 All bear deterrent and dog repellent products are licensed for use by Health Canada under the PMRA and are completely legal when used for their intended purpose for use against aggressive and threatening animals only.

Using these products for other than their intended purpose may result in criminal prosecution. 

  How to use: Bear Deterrent

  1. Place forefinger through hole in handle. 
  2. Place thumb in front of orange safety clip and remove it by lifting up and back.
  3. Point nozzle directly towards bear’s face. 
  4. Depress actuator tab for a burst of spray. Spray is most effective at short range.
  5. Replace orange safety clip after use. This will prevent accidental spray off.