Bear Protection Products

Dog Protection Products

Our pepper spray aerosols are designed for safety, and  serve as a less harmful, non-lethal alternative in animal control and corrections.

Currently, we focus on manufacturing product lines to meet the needs of two broad client groups:

Civilian Safety Products

Bear Deterrent

Dog Repellent 

Law Enforcement Products

Pepper Spray

Pepper Foam

Pepper Gel

Crowd Control

Law Enforcement Products

PEPPER Spray Products

We offer an extensive line of powerful BEAR Deterrents, DOG Repellents, and LAW Enforcement Products.



Law enforcement products are available for use ONLY to authorized police and military agencies as regulated by each individual country legislation.

Training & SAFETY

Information is available on how to use our products, MSDS, and training is available on request. More information can be found in this website.

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GREEN Development

Producing environmentally friendly, non-lethal, and non-ozone depleting products.

We are currently seeking further methods to improve and reduce our impact.


Our bear deterrent and dog repellent products in Canada are licensed for use by Health Canada under the PMRA (Pest Management Regulatory Agency),  and are completely legal when used for their intended purpose. Using these products for other than their intended purpose may result in criminal prosecution.  

Your Pepper Spray Professionals

STRONG Enough for US,

STRONG Enough for YOU!

Every batch of pepper spray is tested by HPLC standards for purity in strength.

Each product is formulated with only the highest quality ingredients and the strongest formulation approved by Health Canada.