The oil of the pepper spray will leave residue and a pepper scent on fabric and items, which will require several washes with a grease removing detergent.

The oil reacts with some plastics including vehicle interiors such as the dash, potentially causing damage.



To dispose of your expired or used bear or dog spray, the contents of the aerosol need to be
sprayed off completely to release all pressure from the can.


  • Wear disposable gloves (optional).
  • Stand upwind, with wind at your back.
  • Spray off contents in an open area, away from oneself. Spray outdoors in an open area where it will not come in contact with people, clothing or objects.
  • Avoid touching your face (eyes/nose/mouth) after spraying off contents of the can.
  • Place the empty can in a wrapping or a plastic bag, and dispose of it as per your local waste management regulations.**
  • Afterwards, wash your hands well with soap and warm water.

  Where to Dispose

 Aerosol recycling facilities are located throughout Canada, and some locations will accept
expired product and dispose of it on your behalf (for a fee).

Contact your local waste management company for more disposal information.

** Bear and dog spray are categorized as household aerosols under pest management, and
in most Canadian communities, empty cans may be disposed of in regular garbage or blue 

bag recycling. 

Our products are non - toxic. Our bear deterrent is non - flammable.

Expiration of Pepper Spray

Our bear deterrent and dog repellent products are safe to use for 3 years  after production.

Replace  your product once it has expired.

Expiration dates are stamped directly onto every can.

Some warranties of pepper spray products can extend 4 years, however through product testing we have determined  3 years (for our bear and dog sprays) is the safest for the consumer.

Why? Components begin to wear down, and pressure in the can may decrease, both of which may cause malfunction and could compromise your safety.