What We Do

Our Present.

Defense Aerosols is a proud Canadian manufacturer of less lethal Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) pepper sprays. Our aerosols are designed for use by civilians, military, and law enforcement agencies.

Our product selection includes bear deterrents, dog repellents, and law enforcement pepper sprays in stream, foam, and fog spray patterns.

Our Company

Mission and Values

Our Future.

Today, Defense Aerosols is working towards a global market and continues to base itself on the principles it began with; create a better product based on the needs of our consumers, while adapting to change and growing with the industry.

Our future involves developing multi-functional product lines that surpass existing products in the market today.

Our History.

In the beginning, Defense Aerosols was known as Bodyguard Canada LLC and specialized in manufacturing pepper spray products. These products were bear deterrents and dog repellents used to protect people during outdoor activities.

Bodyguard Canada LLC expanded to manufacture non-lethal defensive pepper sprays for law enforcement and military use. With the addition of these product lines, the company refocused its mission and values,  and in turn was renamed Defense Aerosols Inc. to suit the requirements of a more diverse client base.

Today, our company is called Defense Aerosols and offers a large selection of safety and aerosol products for work and play. These products are available through retailers and distributors across Canada from coast to coast.

    Using only the strongest and purest ingredients, our focus is your safety. Our products go the distance, when you need it most.

    Your Pepper Spray Professionals.