NOTICE:  All bear deterrent pepper spray products are licensed for use by Health Canada under the PMRA and are completely legal when used for their intended purpose for use against threatening bears. 
Using these products for other than their intended purpose may result in criminal prosecution.

​​​  Why Choose Us? 

Our Brands

Bearguard bear deterrent, Bear D'Fense Professional bear deterrent, and Yukon Magnum bear deterrent. All are bear sprays containing pepper with 1.72% capsaicin strength with 1% pure capsaicin, the strongest formula permitted in Canada.

We go the distance when you need it most!

Looking for Bear Spray that Really Delivers?

Bear Spray is also called Bear Deterrent and is used to prevent a bear attack. Bear spray contains capsaicin, the hot active ingredient in pepper which causes irritation and temporary burning of the eyes, nose and throat of the bear. The effects can last 30 minutes or more which can help you to escape a bear threat of attack. Carry your bear spray ready to use anytime you set foot in the woods.

Where to Buy!

Retail, wholesale, and industrial establishments across Canada

  • Camping and Outfitting Stores
  • Hunting Stores
  • Military Surplus Stores
  • Specialty Stores
  • Home and Hardware Stores
  • Sport and Equipment Stores

For more information in your area,  please contact us directly.

STRONGEST FORMULA  permitted in Canada

Why would we offer any less?

Contains 1% capsaicin(strongest ingredient) plus related major Capsaicionoids 0.72%.

Total Strength 1.72%

Total strength is similar to 2% formulas advertised in USA. Formula labeling regulations differ by country.


 Tested for leakage up to 54 ºC / 129.2 ºF.

At high temperatures, the aerosol can may explode. For safety information click here!


With the greatest wind penetration and one of the longest spray ranges available (over 20 feet), our bear deterrents give you the distance you need to stay safe.


Each can is made of high quality components designed to withstand the elements and have lower impact on the environment.


User friendly design includes an orange safety clip that is easily removed for use and re-attaches to prevent accidental spray release.


Two sizes available with 5 seconds of spray time in the 225g size can, and over 8 seconds of spray time in the 325g size can.

The spray releases in a cone shape to fan out for the greatest area coverage and wind penetration.​​